Cathy Ruckelshaus Speaks Out for Middle Class Workers

Former Skadden Fellow and general counsel and program director at the National Employment Law Project (NELP) Cathy Ruckelshaus (’89) was quoted in a New York Times article about how blue-collar manufacturing workers can barely support a middle-class life with their shrinking salaries (“Falling Wages at Factories Squeeze the Middle Class,” November 20). A new study by NELP reveals that many factory jobs today pay far less than what workers in almost identical positions earned in the past. “While they are rebounding in numbers, which is good news, they are not delivering on the wages front,” Cathy said.

She also was quoted in CNN Money in an article describing a former FedEx driver who went bankrupt and sued the company because he was classified as a contractor, rather than an employee (“The FedEx Driver Who Sued and Won,” November 21). The driver was awarded $90,000 in damages. “FedEx actually loses more of these cases than it wins,” Cathy said. “But because calling drivers contractors is such a lucrative practice, they keep doing it.”