Becca Heller Urges Assistance for Iraqis Left in Limbo

Former Skadden Fellow Becca Heller ('10) was quoted in a Financial Times article about the evacuation of personnel at Iraq's International Organisation for Migration, leaving Iraqis waiting for United States visas in limbo ("Unrest Delays US Resettlement for Thousands in Iraq," June 25). Becca said the suspension could harm vulnerable Iraqis. "All of the Iraqis in question have a US tie," she said. "Either they or someone in their family have worked for Americans." She also authored an opinion piece for The Washington Post urging the United States to address a backlog of resettlement requests from Iraqis who have worked as military interpreters, journalists or human rights activists allied with the United States ("The U.S. Should Not Abandon Those Who Helped in Iraq," June 19).