Alvaro Huerta Discusses Health Insurance Issues Affecting Latinos

Former Skadden Fellow Alvaro Huerta ('11) has been featured in articles about the Affordable Care Act by a number of media outlets, including a Fox News Latino article examining whether Latino enrollment in health insurance exchanges impacted Kathleen Sebelius' resignation as head of the Department of Health and Human Services ("Ignoring Latino Community May Have Cost Kathleen Sebelius Her Job," April 14). Latinos with an undocumented family member have resisted enrolling despite federal officials' assurances that information collected from the health insurance exchanges won't be shared with immigration services. "The reality of what's happening on the ground undercuts the message they are trying to send," Alvaro said. "The community sees the deportation machine that the administration has implemented and they say, 'Why should I trust giving information to the federal government when I hear over and over again that people are being deported at record numbers?'"