Robyn Bitner Profiled by The Daily Progress

Skadden Fellow Robyn Bitner’s selection as a Skadden Fellow was featured in an article in The Daily Progress of Charlottesville, Va. (“UVa Law Student to Use Fellowship to Get NYC Children an Early Education,” Jan. 1). Robyn’s work at Advocates for Children of New York will involve direct representation, community outreach and policy advocacy to strengthen access to early childhood education for preschoolers experiencing homelessness. Robyn said she was inspired to apply for a Skadden Fellowship by her experience teaching kindergarten in the South Bronx, where she “noticed a big gap between the reading skills of children who had attended preschool and those who had not,” the publication said. “Preschool does a lot for vocabulary development … that’s the foundation for learning how to read,” Robyn said. “All the kids who hadn’t gone to preschool had leaps and bounds to catch up.”