Julie Su and Kevin Kish Comment on Labor Case Against Upscale Restaurant

California Labor Commissioner and former Skadden Fellow Julie Su (’94) and former Skadden Fellow Kevin Kish (’06) of Bet Tzedek were quoted in a New York Times article about renowned sushi restaurant Urasawa, where workers claim to have been denied overtime pay and breaks (“At an Upscale Beverly Hills Restaurant, Claims of Underpaying Workers,” July 20). “There are countless examples in which workers are taking home less than they’ve earned,” said Julie. “It’s a perversion of the concept of minimum wage — it goes from being some kind of floor to instead being some kind of ceiling.” Kevin said, “We see this happen all the time, across all industries, all parts of the city and all kinds of businesses. ... The only thing that is remarkable about this case is that people might expect paying so much means that workers are getting paid fairly.”