Skadden Fellow: Adam Weiss

As assistant director of the AIRE Centre, Adam oversees the organization’s efforts to protect the rights of European Union migrants in the United Kingdom. The organization helps the migrants gain access to social assistance, such as housing benefits, often by advocating on their behalf before benefits tribunals. To illustrate the need for such services, Adam points to a 2010 report by the Guardian stating that almost 50 percent of London’s homeless are from central and eastern EU member states, many of which suffer from high levels of poverty. “It’s become a really big problem,” Adam says. “The clients we work with are very grateful.”

Adam also helps handle litigation before the European Court of Human Rights on behalf of a variety of marginalized and vulnerable individuals, including victims of human trafficking and domestic violence, asylum seekers and prisoners. The center recently prevailed in a case before the court against Greece claiming the country failed to meet required EU legal standards for the treatment of asylum seekers by forcing them to live on the streets without documentation and expelling them without  properly processing their claims.